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The initiative launched at the conference, which was held at the Al-Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo, aims to develop Africa’s human and financial capacity to produce vaccines, medical tools and medical supplies. 2030.

The initiative also aims to strengthen the negotiating position of African countries in importing medicines and medical supplies that are not produced on the continent.

The recommendations called for the elimination of hepatitis B (HVB) and C (HVC) by administering the HVB vaccination right after birth and learning from the Egyptian experience in the fight against HCV.

The conference called for the exchange of expertise between North Africa and Southern African countries in maternal and child health, with the start of the exchange of expertise between Nigeria, South Africa South, Egypt and Morocco.

The recommendations also include the implementation of training courses for healthcare providers in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) over the next two years and the publication of a multilingual booklet in 2024, with the main teaching materials taught in this area to be used on a continental scale.

The conference also called for a continental strategy to use artificial intelligence in medicine as well as the launch of a unified database among all African countries to facilitate continental cooperation in medicine at expert and country level. .

The recommendations also included an agreement to redouble efforts to locate medical industries, vaccine manufacturing and production of medical supplies in Africa and to strengthen continental cooperation in the early stages of production and supply.

The conference called for studying within the next two years the possibility of launching a unified management system for medical institutions.

He also agreed to strengthen cooperation between different African health authorities as well as initiate joint research and exchange medical tourism and medical reports across the continent.

The recommendations also encouraged research organizations to consider a suggestion to register and price drugs in a unified way.

The conference also recommended the upgrading of medical curricula and courses as well as the unification of methods for the assessment of doctors’ licenses and their mutual recognition among African countries. Egypt and Nigeria will be the first to cooperate on this issue.

Africa ExCon ​​was inaugurated in Cairo on Sunday by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi.

About 2,000 delegates representing government healthcare entities from Africa and the Middle East attended the conference, which is organized by the Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement and is the largest medical exhibition and conference on the continent.

More than 350 companies operating in over 102 countries participated in the conference, unveiling the latest medical technologies and outlining best practices for sustainable healthcare on the continent.

The conference featured 350 sessions and 20 workshops bringing together over 800 international speakers and medical experts, with the aim of showcasing the latest technologies in the field of medicine as well as initiatives that support Africa ExCon ​​as a sustainable platform that connects international health partners.

According to Acting Minister of Health Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Egypt will host the second edition of Africa Health ExCon ​​on June 8, 2023.

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