Friday, July 1 2022

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is set to pledge £ 732million for land restoration in Africa.

The fund has pledged $ 10 billion (£ 7million) to tackle climate change.

Tomorrow, we will make an equivalent commitment for the restoration of landscapes with a major focus on Africa

The event revolves around the Great Green Wall initiative, which aims to plant more than 20 million trees over 8,000 kilometers across the width of Africa to combat desertification on the continent.

He told participants, who also included the President of Nigeria, the President of Mauritania and representatives of the World Bank and the African Development Bank, that steps must be taken to ensure that the next decade is not considered. as “undecided”.

“Last month I committed a billion dollars in grants to support nature conservation and I will start with the countries of the Congo Basin and the tropical Andes,” he said.

“Tomorrow, we will make an equivalent commitment to restore landscapes with a major focus on Africa.

“We want to work with the main platforms already established and ready to scale, including Africa 100 and the Great Green Wall. “

He added: “We all know this is the decisive decade, but without action it will become the undecided decade.

“We cannot let this happen.

“Please see us as an ally for this important cause. “

Mr Bezos drew criticism from climate activists earlier this year after using a project he funded to go to space.

Charles was pictured chatting informally with the billionaire businessman and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez on Sunday evening after the G20 summit in Rome.

It is understood that they met to discuss Mr Bezos’ charity’s commitment to nature ahead of a Cop26 event in Glasgow promoting the Great Green Wall.


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