Friday, July 1 2022

Health Minister Joe Phaahla said his department was discussing the introduction of mandatory Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa.

Speaking to the media on Friday August 27, Phaahla said it was an issue that had been raised for official consideration, with the Health Ministry now discussing the conditions under which mandatory vaccines might be possible.

He said that no official decision has yet been taken. Phaahla said that in his opinion, it is unlikely that an official regulation will be introduced that states that everyone must vaccinate.

However, he said it is possible that some jobs such as the service industry and the entertainment industry require mandatory vaccines.

Phaahla said the government’s ministerial advisory committee is also considering the possibility of booster doses for those who have received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

WHO Scientific Council Member Salim Abdool Karim said Covid-19 vaccines should be made mandatory in South Africa, with exceptions only for those who cannot take a vaccine for strong medical reasons or religious.

Karim said eNCA that the severity and severity of the pandemic means that the option to get vaccinated is no longer a personal choice.

“When you (consider) the original virus that jumped out of bats and came to humans, it probably entered only one person,” he said. “This person caused all of the chaos we saw today, and probably didn’t even know they caused it.”

Karim said this was also the case for the variants of Covid-19 which are currently spreading across the world, with these variants likely starting in one or two people at most.

“So even an unvaccinated person poses this risk to the whole world. If this is the case, and it is a very strong case, then it cannot simply be a matter of personal choice. It must be for the public good that there is a vaccine mandate. “

Karim said there may be some people who cannot be vaccinated for strong religious or medical reasons, and concessions should be made for those people.

However, he said these people will still need to be tested at least once a week to make sure they don’t put others at risk.

On Thursday (August 26), South Africa reported 12,771 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the reported total to 2,734,973.

Deaths reached 80,826 (+357), while recoveries soared to 2,485,108, leaving the country with a balance of 169,039 active cases. The total number of vaccines administered is 11,648,851 (+285,041).

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