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Miracle Africa International Foundation (MAIF) is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, founded by Nadia Murabet in 2008. MAIF’s mission is to provide Africans, especially its most vulnerable citizens, with a better quality of life by initiating and implementing projects and programs that encourage and strive for sustainable development, stability and peace on the African continent.

The International Miracle Africa Foundation has also developed an initiative “Education through sports, to be carried out in different African villages aimed at creating green spaces where children can practice football and other sports, to complete their school education by a trainer through the practice of sport as an effective tool for social integration.

Education through sports is aimed at all children from 6 years old to adolescence and is based on three actions:

• Provide each village with a sports field, associated services and equipment for children

• Train educators through specialized coaching programs

• Offer scholarships to young African football talents

Project, Education through Sport, the foundation.

Miracle Africa International Foundation is honored to work on this project with Yasmin Behzadi for the country of Ghana, as they both strongly believe in the power of education through sport to foster a conscious and responsible new generation that will drive the future forward of Africa.

In March 2021, Yasmin Behzadi, an Iranian-Canadian entrepreneur and the brain behind Sark Collection, joined Miracle Africa International Foundation as a volunteer taking on the role of Director of Sports Philanthropy for the country of Ghana. As part of her social responsibility, Yasmin encourages young Ghanaians to aspire not only to play sports but also to consider being educated to compete well on the world’s courts.

Having had an admirable passion for football for the past 3 years and despite knowing how difficult and challenging it would be, Yasmin devoted most of her time to helping young players by sponsoring a select number of talented Ghanaian players to make it professional. and internationally recognized in the world of football. She recently visited Ideal Ladies Football Club and Ideal Boys FC at Kaneshie Bishop Park in Accra, to discuss the challenges the club is facing and ways to improve the lives of female players as well as promote education alongside the sport.

Yasmin on Wednesday July 21, with the help of some professional footballers; Samuel Sarfo, a Black Stars player, Al Khaleej Fc defender and Bernard Oliver Mensah of the Black Stars and Kayserispor Fc midfielder donated sports equipment and food items to Ideal Football Club.

Speaking to Yasmin, she said most young people who wish to pursue a career in sports do not place much importance on their education or schooling, where “Miracle Africa International Foundation and Yasmin strongly believe that a prosperous future can be built through supporting school sport. Education through Sport, Miracle Africa International Foundation’s main program to promote such activities, is working across Africa to make this vision a reality.

She added that MAIF strives to not only encourage the development of African national, artistic, cultural, sporting and democratic values, but also to promote them to propel the continent’s progress in many other aspects.

The Miracle Africa International Foundation office is based in Geneva, Switzerland and the Founder and President is Madame Nadia Murabet, an award-winning Peace Humanitarian. Her work focuses on initiating change to make a difference in the world. Nadia and Yasmin can make a positive difference in the lives of young Africans by promoting education through sport, youth empowerment and bridging cultures through peace and sport related initiatives in Africa and around the world. other continents.

May God help us all to achieve these goals.


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