Saturday, October 1 2022

The Presidency and the Ministries of Health and Transport, together with the clinical operator Vikelizizwe, worked together to bring vaccination services through pop-up vaccination sites, to people during the festive season targeting people traveling along main and cross-border roads.

These pop-up vaccination sites are part of the department’s broader outreach strategy to bring health services closer to the population to reduce transport costs and time by increasing access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

This campaign started on December 23, 2021 and these designated vaccination sites will continue to provide vaccination service until January 15, 2022 at two of our main border posts, namely; Lebombo border (Mpumalanga/Mozambique) and Ficksburg border (Free State/Lesotho).

Vaccination sites based at border posts will allow people to easily get vaccinated while waiting in line to cross the border.

Pre-registration is not required and anyone living in the area where these border crossings are located will be able to receive vaccination services, including boosters, provided they produce any form of verifiable ID, passport or birth certificate, especially children between 12 and 17 years old.

Vaccines remain the most effective weapon against serious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 infection.

However, it is also important to continue practicing non-pharmaceutical interventions at all times, such as wearing a mask, regular hand washing/sanitizing, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding crowded places without sufficient ventilation.


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