Friday, May 13 2022

South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla told Sputnik on Sunday that he was not happy with the travel restrictions that many countries imposed on his country and its neighbors after the emergence of the new strain of coronavirus Omicron.

“The action against Southern African countries is unfortunate and will harm our economy. We are confident that countries will follow the science and revise their decisions. The Omicron variant is already widely used in many parts of the world,” said Phaahla.

The minister added that the government considers travel bans in South Africa to be “irresponsible and unnecessary”.

Phaahla also said the Ministry of Health was unhappy with the pace of vaccination in the country.

“We are disappointed with vaccination and will continue to promote vaccination for everyone in our country,” the minister said.

Earlier today, South Korea, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of travel with southern African countries. In recent days, a number of countries have also resorted to travel restrictions with the region on the Omicron variant, which has been listed by the World Health Organization as of concern.

Source: ANI / Sputnik


South African Minister of Health criticizes travel restrictions on Omicron variant - Oakland News Now


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