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The South African Youth Climate Action Plan (SAYCAP) is a call to national stakeholders. It also calls on the global community to honor its climate adaptation and mitigation commitments.

Convened through the Youth Programs of the South African Institute of International Affairs in partnership with various organizations, schools and academic groups across South Africa, the document was written by young people between the ages of 13 and 30.

Five main pillars inform the action plan, namely: intersectionality; advocacy and activism for climate action; good governance; systematic change; and environmental sustainability. The pillars each emphasized an inclusive and intersectional approach to climate action centered on human rights.

Nadia Odendaal, Provincial Leader of SA YCAP, said at the launch: “Climate justice is real social justice. big problem facing the world is – it’s related to climate change. We can’t ignore it. That’s why I’m so proud that we managed to produce an intersectional document that I really hope represents a diverse group of young people and our wishes for the future.

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Picket outside Cape Town’s parliament calling on the government to take urgent action on climate change (file photo).


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